Thursday, March 31, 2011


The Tulips are blooming finally, goddamnit!  
The sun has been shining for two days, and it does wonders for my mood.
There was wine and papa and Noah today.  Sword fights and soccer as well.
It was nice to sit outside with Ben and just be.

Ben and I played strip Uno last night.  I won for a while, but Ben prevailed and took my clothes before bed.
In the end, we both won.  He threw me on the bed and took me until I'm sure we were scaring the neighbors.

Ben is under a little stress (or a fucking lot), as the restaurant is undergoing some changes starting tomorrow.  
I'm trying to not make these changes which don't effect me, affect me.

We went to Pasta Piatti for dinner tonight, and I ate too much, as did Ben.
I was kind of unsatisfied and wanted more to do.  There is nothing to do in Ashland.
We walked for a few minutes, saw Dave and Nolan briefly (eating sushi).  
Dave was drinking warm sake which kind of made me cringe.  Warm sake is not good sake.  
Ben said I was being a know-it-all.  Maybe I was, but I do know a lot about sake.
We drove home and were here by nine.  Perhaps we're getting old.

Tomorrow I don't work.  I'll catch up on laundry and vacuuming, as well as dishes.
And I'll research and write as well.

It's good to be calm, normal, and exceptionally happy.

I'm looking forward to going to bed with Ben again tonight.

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