Monday, April 11, 2011

Business Card's Length: A Moral Story

If you're reading this because you got a business card on your windshield, good.  I gotta say, when I walked up the stairs after waiting for my son to get off the school bus, I wasn't expecting to be completely blocked in.  I was planning on rushing on over to pick up my other son from the sitter's house, and when I say RUSH, that was what needed to happen.  I paid more to the sitter than what I made today, if you can believe that.  The extra money I'd have to pay while waiting for your car to get towed was money I couldn't afford to spend.  No, I wasn't expecting to be blocked in entirely by some person's five series BMW.  That wasn't the plan.

You may think you own the world, the roads, and the nicest car in Ashland.  Just so you know, all the nicest things in the world wouldn't make you a nice person in my book.  Seriously?!  A mere business card's length between our cars?!  Who on earth would do that to someone else?  You, apparently.

Now I know, it's just a little Kia, and you have a fancy car... as you can imagine I wasn't going to even try to get out, because chances are I would ding your car up a bit.  Being that you're apparently not respectful or nice, you'd probably try to claim damages and insurance or something.

Just so you know, I'm nice.  I was also lucky, and so were you.  I can imagine the dread I would feel, walking up to where my car was, having it not be there, and then having to pay impound fees.  I was moments away from calling the police and the tow truck, when a nice couple walked by and saw my predicament.  The nice man said, "Wow.  You're really stuck, huh?"  I'm sure he could see my distress.  He offered to try to move the car.  After about fifteen minutes of careful, deliberate moves, with one person in front and one person in back watching bumpers, my car was freed.  I got my car out, and you avoided having yours impounded.  What a fortunate ending.

Explaining to my eight year old son that some people are not as considerate or nice as others was a conversation destined to happen eventually, and today was apparently the day.  In the meantime, I'd like to ask you if you know that... and this is a good moral story to help prove the facts.


  1. You should have posted his license plate number too.