Friday, June 10, 2011

I Was Thinking

I got a new guitar for Mother's Day. I got a really nice guitar. I deserved a really nice guitar, as it's a passion of mine.

When my mother and father were married, there was a Degas Guitar. I played it for ten years. My grandmother died, and somehow, when she did, the guitar ended up in my father's posession. I was no longer allowed to play the degas, it was no longer mine.

I longed and loved the guitar and the fact that playing it fufilled a void in my life. Now, I have a guitar that's twice as nice.

My mind is on a song, that I will memorize and play perfectly by tomorrow.

I was thinking, that I might fly today.
Just ot disprove, all the things that you say.
It doesn't take a toreent to be mean,
but words can crush things that are unseen....
so please be careful with me.
i'm sensitive and I'd like to stay that way......

It goes on and on, but the first verse is my verse.

I'm a truth teller, and with my degas gone, I still have hope.
I'm sensitive,
And I hope that you like if I'd stay that way.